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H&Z HZSOUND brand introduction: the H&ZSOUND team has been engaged in the earphone industry for more than 10 years in a well-known foreign company. It has entered the headset industry after 98 years of university graduation. It has been working in a foreign company for about 10 years. The company is engaged in international top earphone brand subcontractors (such as Germany Department S, American Department P, Japanese P, S, T and so on), and then in order to improve themselves It has been working for another five years in another foreign company. The company is engaged in the top S brand OEM in Japan. Because of its passion for earphone and music, it hasn't left its favorite headphone industry for more than 10 years. After years of accumulation, we have a good understanding of headphone design, technology, manufacturing and quality control process. In view of the experience in headset technology and the love of the earphone industry, after 2014 years of planning and development of the first HZSOUND product, and deciding to create the H&Z HZSOUND headset brand, the H&Z HZSOUND trademark and Dongguan Hai fan acoustic Electronics Co., Ltd. were registered. After 198 days of team effort, from ID design, mould making, material selection, sound quality adjustment, structural modification, small batch trial production, dozens of burning friends and music lovers, the first product of the September 28, 2014 product HZSOUND EP001 officially began to sell. New earphones HZ2M and HZ3 are introduced in 2015. In 2016, HZ-EP001 upgraded the HZ-EP001S for the first time. In 2017, we launched the new headset HZ5, HZ-EP001 upgraded to HZ-EP001iii second times, and HZ3 upgraded to HZ3ii second times. 2018 new plans push a circle a circle two headset, headset.

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